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CMS2CMS : A CMS Migration tool .

CMS2CMS is the web based service that helps to move content from the existing CMS to a new one easily and fast.

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Today, we had a quick overview with Mr. ‘Ruslan Savchyshyn'; Director and Founder in Ukraine.

CMS2CMS : CMS Migration Tool


1. What is it exactly that you do and what your start-up is all about?

We’ve designed the first-of its kind CMS migration tool, which lets users migrate their website content to a new content management system. It supports a number of CMS at the moment, and still more are coming soon, so there are multiple migration combinations available.

CMS2CMS is actually a SaaS, so clients don’t need to install any plugins to run their migration. Everything that’s needed is Internet access.
We also cater for clients with no profound technical skills. The tool’s got a simple comprehensive interface and is very easy to use. [Read more…]

OnContracting : Excellent Platform For All Kinds Of Contract Jobs

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Today, we had a quick overview with Mr. ‘Pradeep Pradeep'; CEO of OnCotracting in USA.

OnContracting : Excellent Platform For All Kinds Of Contract Jobs

OnContracting has developed as an excellent platform for all kinds of contract jobs. Finding contractors and recruiters has become easy and extremely convenient with this excellent portal. There are opportunities of making a great career with contractor jobs. Have you ever heard about contract attorney jobs? Most of you will reply in negative to this question. However, at OnContracting, there are opportunities of availing this kind of a contract job as well with a reputed and renowned law firm. Contracting jobs are becoming popular with people with each passing day. This is the reason many government contracting jobs are also on the offer nowadays. At OnContracting, you can get information regarding all kinds of such jobs that are available. Demands for contract specialist jobs are on the rise. OnContracting can help in finding the most suitable contract job for you. Information for contractual jobs in different fields can be found here and is beneficial for recruiters as well as job seekers.

AbbeyPost : Brand-New Marketplace and Community

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AbbeyPost is a brand-new marketplace and community designed exclusively for plus size women’s fashion!

Shopping is an inherently social activity, but for over 100 million plus size women in the US, there’s just no fun place to socialize while shopping. We plan to change that.

We’ve built a two-way marketplace where individuals, retailers and brands can “Post” their items for sale, buyers can “Peek” and “Purchase” the items, and Post-ers can “Play” in our forums. Think “ebay for plus size”, except awesome. We’ve only been live for about a month and are already seeing strong interest both from the user community and the investment community.
AbbeyPost is based in New York City and is a woman-founded company. In fact, at the moment, 75% of our team members are female–including our lead developer. Hooray for girls who code!

The AbbeyPost team is always on the lookout for the next great connection, resource, idea or team member, so if you’re interested in what we’re doing, we definitely want to hear from you!

The women’s plus size fashion marketplace is amazingly underserved, yet represents over 60% of American women–that’s over 100 million women with no place to enjoy shopping! Now, we all know women love to shop, but do you know how much we love to shop? A LOT.
The plus size market represents $18 billion annually in the US, and a much larger number worldwide.

We’re working hard on creating not only a great shopping experience, but a strong social network effect, with plenty of informative and beautiful content, social sharing triggers, incentives and coupons and much more.

We’re an early stage startup with a small team but a lot of hustle. We may be selling to plus size women, but as a team we run lean and mean. We’re experienced entrepreneurs,

We’re excited about bringing on some awesome new advisors who will be announced soon. We are also working on partnering with several brands for exclusive online sales of their plus size apparel.

We believe that the winning combination for us is: previous experience building successful ecommerce startups; an intimate knowledge of the plus size consumer; a deep passion for addressing this very real need in the marketplace; and a whole lot of listening, learning, adjusting and optimizing through direct conversation with our wonderful “Post-ers” (users)!