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AppAppeal reviews and compares web applications to help people find the best web app for their needs.

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Mrs. Loes Timmerman, Social Media Manager at “AppAppeal” has given us a small introduction about her Netherlands (The Hague)-based start-up Company “”. AppAppeal reviews and compares web applications to help people find the best web app for their needs.

Our quality reviews are comprehensive, objective, and created by professional writers. We do not get paid by developers for reviewing a web app and we do not use affiliate links. We offer quality screen shots that are made of the web app itself, not of home or help pages.

AppAppeal: the go-to site for web apps:

Web-based applications are becoming more and more popular and are often chosen over downloadable software. The benefits of web apps in comparison to downloadable software are numerous: no installation required, faster to use, does not slow down a computer, can be used on any computer with Internet, and has endless possibilities (play games, design, get directions, get the latest financial news, create a profile, edit photos, etc.).

Also, there is no need for saving or backing up your work because the data is safely stored on the website. That makes working with web apps also more dynamic and flexible, since you can work from any computer and every time you log on, all the data will be were you left it and you can start up right where you left off.

Web users often wonder about the fastest way to upload a 1 GB file or a way to combine all their favorite social networks into one site, but often do not know which application to choose.

AppAppeal makes it easy to choose what suits your needs by offering more than 2300 reviews of web apps in more than 150 different categories, like social networking, games, dating, photo, and video. The reviews are comprehensive, objective, and written by professional writers. The reviews also offer a quality score, feature list, pricing information, screenshots, and screen casts. is visited by more than 1 million people per month.

The uniqueness of AppAppeal lies in its dedication to the user’s needs. AppAppeal’s mission is to help people find the best web application for their needs. The creators of AppAppeal, Sytse Sijbrandij and Jelle de Bruin, have extensive experience in discovering what the users want and are always on the lookout for the latest and best web apps.

Follow AppAppeal by reading our blog, adding us on Twitter and Facebook, and be sure of always finding the best web apps for your needs.

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