My Graphic Studio An Automated Tool for Assessment of Programming Skills

Codility is an automated tool for assessment of programming skills.

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Mrs. “Dominika Sobantka”, Online Marketing Specialist at the UK (London)-based start-up Company “”, has given us a very solid explanation on what exactly is Codility.

As per Mrs. Sobantka; Codility is an automated tool for assessment of programming skills.

Codility is designed for software development companies, as well as corporations with high IT demand (telco, finance). It enables recruiters without specialized IT knowledge, all over the world, to quickly verify programming skills of candidates, even in massive quantities, in an automated manner. It’s aim is to verify how well the candidate will perform in a day to day job.

Codility tests actual programming skills, by requesting the candidate to write a snippet of source code (a function) and then testing it’s correctness and performance characteristics. It simulates natural programming environment by allowing the candidate to compile and run the code in the browser. The solution is subsequently evaluated in an automated manner. In order to achieve similar goals, the company would have to use literally hours of precious time of an experienced (and expensive) Senior Programmer to assess the solutions.

Codility was selected as a winner of Seedcamp 2009, Smarta 100 and TC European Startup Award 2010.

Codility saves time of software talent recruiters by filtering out job candidates who cannot write correct programs. Codility is asking job seeker to write a real working snippet of code and assess not only correctness of submitted solution, but also scalability.

Codility administers short programming tests and checks whether solutions are rock solid.

Our customers filter out up to 90% of candidates, which dramatically reduce the cost of screening process.

Moreover Codility can be used both by technical and non-technical recruiters, thanks to user friendly interface.

Codility test are used for all types of companies, from very small start-ups to corpo, to name few:

Amazon, Samsung, PayPal , Nokia & Siemens, DuoFertility, eHarmony, Ocado etc.

We currently support 14 programming languages such as: Java, C++, C, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Pascal, Objective-C, Perl, VB.NET, Lua, SQL.

Our pricing model is based on monthly subscriptions, starting for so little as 39 Euro per month. We offer also Enterprise customized solutions, for the companies that are recruiting massively.

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