My Graphic Studio A Web-Based Tool that Allows Users to Visually Collaborate on Ideas and Documents

Conceptboard – Visual Collaboration on Ideas & Documents. Create, review and discuss your ideas and concepts without endless e-mail threads: Try the simplest team workspace ever!

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Mrs. “Kathleen Fritzsche”; VP PR & Marketing at the Germany (Stuttgart)-based start-up “”, explained to us what her Company is all about.

As per Mrs. Fritzsche; Conceptboard is a web-based visual collaboration tool on ideas and documents. Through Conceptboard, users can create, review and discuss their ideas and concepts without endless e-mail threads: Try the simplest team workspace ever!

Conceptboard can for example be used in project teams, creative teams and in educational sector, but also by any other user group.

Especially while working over distance, it’s difficult to put an idea across to your counterpart. Most of the time, using textual descriptions is not enough when dealing with complex drafts or graphical content.

You recognize that you are in this situation when you find yourself sending tons of e-mails back and forth without making your point.

What you might need is a lightweight collaborative workspace that you can create and share quickly. That’s when Conceptboard comes in. Conceptboard provides browser-based free spaces for your ideas.

Use freehand tools for smart conceptual sketches, import screenshots and drag-and-drop content for mood boards and collages from different sources.

Conceptboard enables co-operative work on concepts and ideas in real-time and asynchronously on PCs, Macs and even the iPad.

Shared Workspaces for Globally Operating Teams:
Conceptboard offers a central and secure platform where you can share and discuss documents and project material together with your team. All team members have access to the latest status at any time, even if they are scattered all over the planet. Votes are taken asynchronously on content level, video chat or conference features can be enabled if necessary.

Free Collaboration on any Document:
Integrating your documents in Conceptboard and starting a team discussion is really easy. Use drag’n’drop to upload various formats and arrange the content on your boards. All participants can open and comment the documents independent of installed software; simply in their browsers. This even works on the iPad.

Precise Feedback at Any Time:
Even from external project participants: Conceptboard offers a hands-on tool for you and your customers to revise work and get feedback from the design stage on. Don’t bother them with signing up; just share the link to your Conceptboard.

Reduce E-Mail Traffic and Speed up Decision Making:
Conceptboard helps you keeping track of all the files and different versions that accumulate in a work process. But it also collects your colleagues and customers comments in one place. No more endless email searching for the latest version of a file or the full picture of a working draft. It’s all in your boards and from here you control and delegate upcoming tasks and workflows.

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