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Contactually is a personal assistant for your important contacts.

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Mr. Tony Cappaert, Co-Founder of “Contactually” has given us a small introduction about his US (Washington DC)-based start-up Company “”. Contactually is a personal assistant for your important contacts. We connect your email and social media accounts to our system, analyze your history with each relationship, and automatically prompt you (via a daily email reminder) to reengage with important people that are slipping off your radar. We can also sync all that aggregated contact info with other systems, like CRMs and campaign management software.

Contactually, a 500 Startups company, automatically prioritizes your email contacts and helps you reconnect with the most important people at the right time. When we see a high-priority contact start to slip off your radar, we’ll send you a quick reminder to follow up.

Beyond taking action with contacts in your network, Contactually also gathers and adds information from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (along with 20+ other social networks) to each person in your address book, and allows you to automatically sync any or all contacts with your CRM (like Salesforce, SugarCRM, or Highrise). You can easily find the latest updates on everyone in your network, and share it with other folks on your team.

Contactually is the perfect solution for anyone who sends a lot of emails, particularly people in sales, business development, or professional services (like consulting or financial management). Initial beta users love Contactually, and they’re already closing more deals, increasing their sales, and reconnecting with existing customers. Consumers find Contactually useful too, and are staying better connected with friends and family.

Today, Contactually works with any IMAP – including Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, and AOL — or Exchange account. Contactually integrates with Salesforce and Highrise CRMs currently, with plans to add other CRM and campaign management software integrations in the near future.

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