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DayGuest, like Expedia or Venere, enables you to browse listed properties by destinations (e.g. San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, etc.), features (e.g. room service, WiFi, etc.) and tags (e.g. romantic, business, etc.). And book online, of course.

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“DayGuest”‘s team was kind enough to explain to us what their US (New York)-based start-up “DayGuest” is all about.

According to “DayGuest”‘s team; DayGuest, like Expedia or Venere, enables you to browse listed properties by destinations (e.g. San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, etc.), features (e.g. room service, WiFi, etc.) and tags (e.g. romantic, business, etc.). And book online, of course.

However, we offer online booking of hotel rooms at select luxury and boutique hotels for use during the day only. Day rentals, commonly known in the hospitality industry as day stays or dayuse, are not hourly rentals.

Each room is only rented once per day and only a few rooms per property are made available during the day. We are a small yet growing company of international web professionals.

This translates into easy access to us. There is no bureaucracy to navigate through; our founders also participate in customer support. We’re here to help! Luckily, this fits with our business ethos. Your feedback and suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged. Your satisfaction is our foremost concern. Just let us know!

How It Works
Booking day rooms discreetly through DayGuest is as easy as 1-2-3.

Browse our inventory
Browse our selection of hotels by destination, property, feature, tag, rate, rating, hours of availabilities or a combination of all, our search engine is extremely flexible, to allow you to find exactly what you need.

Select your room type
Narrow your search results and pick the specific room type that fits your need in the property you picked.

Confirm your booking (discreetly)
Leave an alias (or personal info if you prefer), validate per SMS or pay a deposit in the rare case where it’s necessary. You will receive an email or SMS as booking confirmation, depending on your preference.

Show up at the hotel with your booking number and take possession of your room: that’s it !

What We Offer

A Unique Product. We negotiate rooms, otherwise unavailable for day stays, directly with each hotel. It’s not easy. Day rentals are atypical at most hotels but the list of our partners speaks for itself. Most of our partnerships are exclusive and you will not find day rentals at these properties anywhere else.

Best price guarantee. That said, if you do find identical services elsewhere at the same conditions with lower prices, do let us know and we will refund you the difference. Find more here.

Expertise. We are hotel experts. We have stayed at countless properties and know what makes a pleasant experience. We never miss an opportunity to increase our industry knowledge.

We only list properties that we deem worthy of our (and your?) high standards, following a stringent selection process. Your feedback is also valued as we will not keep a property with a pattern of negative reviews in our listing.

Convenience. Before DayGuest, finding hotel rooms for the day was, if not impossible, very complicated. You had to call many hotels for one that would accept.

Availabilities were uncertain, quality of the hotel was dubious, and in addition, you had to endure nasty looks or comments from hotel staff. Transactions could only be made at the hotel, in cash. DayGuest delivers the convenience the Internet brought to the hospitality industry – transparence and ease of use -, but for day use.

Independence. Hotels don’t pay to be on DayGuest. We don’t receive nor accept any kind of retribution, monetary or otherwise, to add properties to DayGuest.

So any property can be added or removed at any time. Further, we are not aiming at filling an entire hotel’s rooms but only a low residual portion, so we have no financial or other incentive to favor one over another.

Discretion. Let’s not beat around the bush: a fair portion of our client base is attached to discretion. That is why we abide by our discretion manifesto and strict privacy policy. We request as little personal information as necessary for bookings, which can often be anonymous (depending on a properties’ policy).

Indeed, in most cases, we only require an alias, an email address and a cell phone number (sleep well, it’s for logging in, we will not call you) and no credit card data. We confirm bookings via emails or SMS, at your preference.

Safety. Your bookings are not only discreet but 111% safe. We use the same SSL certificates provider as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Whenever any sensitive information (e.g. credit card info, name, etc.) is transmitted through DayGuest, our site use secure socket layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the data.

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