My Graphic Studio A Web-Based Adventure Generator for Spontaneous People

Drungli is the adventure generator for spontaneous travellers, bringing the cheapest random destinations available at any given moment.

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Mrs. “Orsolya Tòth”; CEO and Co-founder of the exciting Hungary (Budapest)-based start-up “”, has been kind enough to explain to us a bit more on what her Company is all about.

As per Mrs. Tòth; Drungli is the adventure generator for spontaneous travellers, bringing the cheapest random destinations available at any given moment.

You can find budget-friendly airfare to new places that you may have not considered visiting on your own.

Drungli works by taking into account where it is you’re currently located and the exact date you want to set off. That’s it! It will provide you with a list made up of nothing but the cheapest flights.

You can also ask Drungli to send you direct email notifications whenever any of the routes of it’s database has become cheaper. Drungli is constantly checking airlines and comparing the prices of tickets.

You’ll get to know when the best time for flying anywhere has come, and you’ll be able to buy tickets before the prices end going up again.

So far, only the European cities are very well supported, but more and more are being added to the list and hopefully you’ll soon see support for all the world’s cities. Plus, higher personalization features are being developed.

Existing flight search websites don’t work the way increasing numbers of people actually want to travel. If you’re looking to take a vacation or visit family and don’t have an individual specific destination airport and departure/return dates, you either simply cannot search for flights or the manual effort required is intolerably overwhelming.

Nowadays more and more travellers are willing to go anywhere, any time if they can find a great deal or an interesting new destination, but no flight search tool properly lets people search with flexibility on dates or destinations.

Usability and aesthetics in travel search and booking sites are almost universally very poor.

LCCs offer travellers the ability to take long-haul trips very cheaply by interconnecting flights from disparate airlines, but as they’re sold as separate tickets, it’s not possible to find these options on traditional flight search engines or GDSs.

Travel search websites and OTAs don’t cater to the needs of LCCs. The most common objection is that they divert traffic away from the carrier’s preferred direct channel, and erode margins by making it easier for customers to compare fares on popular routes while doing nothing to help airlines find new customers and fill capacity on their long tail. Others charge commissions and booking fees that LCC margins cannot accommodate.

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