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IppinKa cares about function and quality – that’s why it is starting a movement for well-made and functional products.

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Mr. “Jerry Chang”; Founder of the Canada (Toronto)-based start-up “”, was very helpful and kind in explaining to us a bit more about his Company.

As per Mr. Chang; IppinKa cares about function and quality – that’s why it is starting a movement for well-made and functional products.

At IppinKa, we believe great products must be functional (easy to use, unobtrusive, performs the intended job very well) and made with the quality to last a long time and withstand a lot of usage. We took Dieter Ram’s famous Ten Principles of Good Design (which is our gold standard), interpreted in our own way and said we can really reduce that down to 2 principles.

IppinKa has a shop and blog. The shop carries products that we believe meet our standards: functional and well-made. We test the products we put on our store to ensure our customers are getting a great piece of product every time they buy from IppinKa.

The blog ( is where readers discover fascinating product stories, not just about products that IppinKa carries but all products that catch our curators’ eyes. They can be functional, well-made, eco-friendly, or just a great future concept.

The IppinKa shop is a crowdbuying shop. People gather to buy together during a certain time frame, allowing IppinKa to reduce inventory costs and get a good rate from the designers and their distributors. We believe this is a great way to unlock deals to great products. Our goal: the customer gets a great piece of product without paying too much more. Good design should be accessible.

Some products we test look very nice and promising, but that’s all they are. We have sharp eyes that will notice even little shortcuts the product takes in the design, material, or making process. In those cases, we take the product and put it somewhere on our shelves and treat it as an ornament that collects dust. We do this so you don’t have to.

On the other hand, if a product is really well designed and made with the user in mind, we really want the world to know about it. We will blog about it, and encourage our users to spread the word as well. What we hope to create is long-lasting relationships between designers and their loyal customers.

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