My Graphic Studio A Free Online Collaborative Community for IT Managers to Share Knowledge with their Peers

ITNinja is a free online collaborative community for IT managers to share knowledge with their peers.

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Mr. ‘Bob Kelly'; Founder of the US (Haymarket, VA)-based Company “ITNinja”, has been kind enough giving us more insight into what his Web 2.0 online business is all about.

According to Mr. ‘Kelly'; ITNinja is a free online collaborative community for IT managers to share knowledge with their peers.

The site uses gamification to encourage participation by awarding ITNinja belts and bonus patches based on activity. It also uses social business tools to personalize the experience.

More than 500K monthly visitors share insight on more than 350K software titles and topics from a knowledge base built over 12 years. Users simply sign up and then join the discussion on a variety of complex topics such as application deployment tips, application specific configuration options and management solutions.

ITNinja is one of the only product-agnostic communities where anyone can join and share information and answers to the thousands of common problems that make critical IT decisions tough.

With a dedicated development staff, Dell KACE is committed to continually enhancing the site, with new features and enhancements to be introduced on a regular basis. Bottom line: ITNinja helps IT managers quickly resolve problems, freeing up time that can be used to focus on innovation and strategic projects.

The role of online communities, particularly within the IT enterprise has never been stronger. While communities user groups and industry associations have always played an important role in business, the migration of these communities online and via social media networks have provided customers a way to engage with companies, receive support and access to expertise, and participate in relevant discussions with peers that drive support costs down and customer loyalty up.

Dell KACE recently conducted a survey in February 2012 which revealed 80 percent of IT admins rank online communities as their top resource for knowledge and tips for performing their jobs more effectively and staying up to date on the latest trends in IT.

At the same time, 82 percent of IT admins believe that marketing bias or too general on vendor sites leads to a frustrating search for answers across various sites and discussion boards to find the answers to their particular problems.

The survey highlights that there is a disproportionate number of IT admins currently need to visit multiple communities in order to find answers to their questions and are finding it more difficult to find answers.

The majority, 97 percent, reported visiting more than one community site and 42 percent reported needing to visit four or more communities. The need to visit multiple communities is growing.

Dell KACE is one of the fastest growing systems management companies, and much of that success can be attributed to the fact that KACE is dedicated to maintaining an intimate understanding of our audience’s needs. One example of this is ITNinja.

ITNinja is the perfect place for IT admins to go and share insight and best practices with industry peers while finding answers to their most important questions, enabling them do their jobs more efficiently.

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