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Monaqasat is a state-of-the-art Cloud eTendering solution.

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Mr. Karim Helal, CEO of Monaqasat has given us a small introduction about his UAE (Dubai)-based start-up Company “Monaqasat”. Monaqasat is a state-of-the-art Cloud eTendering solution that implements the full tendering process in a simple, secure, efficient and transparent method, reducing administrative overheads, improving the tender flow, lowering carbon footprint and increasing productivity. has been adopted by hundreds of companies in the MENA region and has been used to successfully manage over USD 10 billion worth of bids and save close to a million pages of paper in the process.

While most processes have already been automated, eTendering is still a very long and tedious process, plagued by fraud and labour-intensive operations. Until recently, any company that was interested in automating its tendering process had to either purchase a very large system from Oracle or build their own tools.

The idea of came about to a set of entrepreneurs as they were working in the booming construction industry in the UAE (dubai) and could not find a single app to help them manage their tendering process.

After 2 years of intense R&D where focus was always on finding the best ways of combining complex processes and easy UX, was launched and has since conquered the UAE and won multiple awards, including the UN-sponsored WSA awards for best eCommerce Solution.

Our next challenge is to quickly grow this solution from its core market into a regional and international player.

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