My Graphic Studio A Web Service which has the Fabulous Dream to Connect People with the Same Way of Thinking

On Myndpage, the user creates an interactive representation of his mind by “mynding” words.

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Mr. “David Hagege”; CEO of the Japan (Tokyo)-based start-up “”, has been very helpful in giving us a much better idea on what his Company is all about.

As per Mr. Hagege; On Myndpage, the user creates an interactive representation of his mind by “mynding” words.

We ask our user what are the 4 tags he associates with any given word. He is then free to explore his friends’ or even strangers’ mind.
For each set of two users, we compute a similarity ratio called the Myndness.

It’s a fun way for our users to compare themselves to friends or meet people who think like them.

Imagine yourself at a party of 600 people. You have two hours to find the people who are going to change your life. How do you know who is the guy/girl you should talk to? Myndpage is here to help.

Soon with the mobile app you’ll be able to locate people thinking like you. At parties and events. In a matter of seconds. And this is not the typical bullshit you can find everywhere else, this is highly accurate.

This is how language and the brain are working. You are going to find people thinking about the world as you do.

Mynd and share your brain with the rest of the world!

Myndpage is different from other social networks in multiple ways. I’m not trying to reproduce the experience you have on Facebook or Twitter.

You’re not looking at your friends’ pictures at their last party, or seeing what they’re doing right now. You are showing to others what you are “thinking” right now. This is something far more personal.

You are building your myndpage, the page that defines yourself, it’s your brain on the Internet. And you can’t imagine how much you can learn from that. Twitter is something ephemeral. A tweet is not something that stay for long. Your Myndpage is here to stay.

But that’s not all. Myndpage uses machines for real. We are computing a similarity ratio between our users so that you can find people thinking like you. Even on specific themes.

This is nothing like the “You should follow” feature of Twitter. We are linking users only by their mynd. Not by their current connections. Compare yourself to celebrities, friends, colleagues, your significant other, discover new people thinking like you, access everyone’s mind for the first time.

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