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[custom_author=Tadreesna] We had an in-depth interview with Mrs. "Noura Fawzi Sa'd", CEO of the Jordanian (Amman)-based startup Company "". Tadreesna is a Jordanian L.L.C. company established in 2011 in partnership with the MENA … [Continue reading] A Facebook Credits-Based Loyalty Program

[custom_author=Plink] We had a lengthy discussion with Mr. Steve Stratz, currently assuming a Public Relations role at his US (Denver, Colorado)-based start-up company "". As per Mr. Stratz; Plink is a Facebook Credits-based loyalty … [Continue reading] A Mobile Location-Based Service that Allows Travelers to Discover and Connect

[custom_author=Zamp] We had an in-depth interview with Mr. Sam Zebarjadi, the Co-Founder of the US(Atlanta)-based start-up company “”. Zamp is a mobile location-based service that allows travelers to discover who’s around and connect … [Continue reading] A Location-Based Service for Yachting Fans, Divers and all other Marine Adventurers

[custom_author=Seamayor] We had an in-depth interview with Mr. Sergio Smirnov, the founder of the Russian-based start-up company "". is a brand new location-based service for yachting fans, divers and all other marine … [Continue reading] Music Licensing as Easy as 1-2-3

[custom_author=Rightclearing] Mrs. Marilyn Dietrich, Marketing and Communications Director at, introduced her Start-Up to us. Rightclearing is a Switzerland (Zurich)-based start-up Company that simplifies and democratizes the … [Continue reading] Discover Local Experiences You’ll Love

[custom_author=Loku] We had a very small chit chat with Mr. Jeff Hanson, the Business Development Director at "" whereby he explained to us a bit more about his start-up. Loku is a US (San Francisco and Austin)-based start-up Company … [Continue reading] Get More Than Just a Mobile Site!


[custom_author=Morces] Mr. Bryan Wong, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at “Morces” has given us a small introduction about his Singapore-based start-up Company “”. Morces is an absolute free platform for all users to go … [Continue reading] Finding Web Apps Made Easy!


[custom_author=AppAppeal] Mrs. Loes Timmerman, Social Media Manager at "AppAppeal" has given us a small introduction about her Netherlands (The Hague)-based start-up Company "". AppAppeal reviews and compares web applications to help … [Continue reading] We Make VIPs! Who’s Next?


[custom_author=VIPmeup] Mr. Christoph Muhr, Corporate Design Director at “VIPmeup” has given us a small introduction about his Germany (Stuttgart)-based start-up Company “”. VIPmeup according to Mr. Muhr, is an online platform designed … [Continue reading] A Personal Assistant for Your Important Contacts


[custom_author=Contactually] Mr. Tony Cappaert, Co-Founder of "Contactually" has given us a small introduction about his US (Washington DC)-based start-up Company “”. Contactually is a personal assistant for your important … [Continue reading] An Amazing Cloud eTendering Solution


[custom_author=Monaqasat] Mr. Karim Helal, CEO of Monaqasat has given us a small introduction about his UAE (Dubai)-based start-up Company "Monaqasat". Monaqasat is a state-of-the-art Cloud eTendering solution that implements the full tendering … [Continue reading] An Online One-Stop-Shop for Arab Musicians


[custom_author=Feesheh] Mrs. Nur Alfayez, Co-Founder & CEO has given us a small introduction about her Jordan (Amman)-based start-up company "Feesheh". Feesheh is an online one-stop-shop for Arab musicians. It is the first in the region, … [Continue reading] A Group Buying Deals Website Based in Dubai – UAE logo

[custom_author=Dependent] "" a subsidiary of Dependent Lifestyle FZ LLC, is a group buying deals website based in Dubai - UAE. Please find below a lengthy and insightful interview that we have conducted with Mr. Ziad Boutros … [Continue reading]