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Plotified hopes to help people discover and share their awesome life experiences.

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We had a very nice chit-chat with Mr. ‘Dave Keller'; Founder of the US (Sacramento, California)-based start-up “Plotified” about his company.

According to Mr. ‘Keller'; Imagine Pinterest for your bucket list when thinking about Plotified.

Plotified hopes to help people discover and share their awesome life experiences.

Whether it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or wanting to lose 10 pounds before the end of next year, Plotified wants to help you achieve and share it.

Plotified will also work as a way to find fun and interesting things to do when you are bored or feeling adventurous .

When Friday rolls around and your bored with nothing to do, just check out some local plots(user submitted experiences or goals) and have some fun!

The team behind Plotified are motivated and determined to make this site as fun and user friendly as possible.

With a beautiful and intuitive design sharing and discovering plots is easy.

With Facebook’s Timeline API’s we will be able to take sharing of plots to a whole new level by integrating it completely with Facebook’s news feed.

We are currently working on finishing the private beta and expect to launch it within the next couple months! So in the mean-time feel free to sign up for the beta

There’s nothing on the web like this right now. We plan on leveraging Facebook’s open graph API’s and making Plotified a timeline app.

With the Facebook integration and twitter integration to follow, the sharing on Plotified will be taken to the next level.

People will be able to plot things they may have never even of known about and get the support from Plotified’s community to set out and achieve it.

The great thing about Plotified will be being able to use it without having to go through and add all your friends.

Plotified can be used solely by yourself just to keep track of fun things you have done and want to do.

But, Plotified becomes that much better when the social aspects come into play. Having people comment and re-plot things you have done can be very encouraging and satisfying.

Our private beta will launch in the next couple months. With some pretty awesome features we plan on rolling out during the private beta we are really excited to have people check it out and give us feedback about the site.

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