My Graphic Studio A Web-Based Resume Building Platform where you can Create a Perfect Resume in Few Minutes

Resumebaking is a simple and neat service for resume building. You can create a perfect resume just in minutes.

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Mr. “Alexey Asiutin”; Co-Founder and CIO of the Ukraine (Kharkov)-based start-up “”, has been very helpful in giving us a much better idea on what his Company is all about.

According to Mr. Asiutin; Resumebaking is a simple and neat service for resume building. You can create a perfect resume just in minutes. We have comprehensive instructions for each section of your resume, so you don’t have to know all the details of resume writing. When your resume is ready, you can send it directly to HR managers or employers.

Also you can print it or save to your computer in PDF format. If you have linkedin or facebook account. you can import all your data to our builder just in one click.

Sometimes our friends help us to search for a job. Nowadays HR managers are looking candidates via social networks more often. With Resumebaking you can easily share your resume via social networks. So your chances to find a dream job growth tremendously.

We have a great set of professional good-looking resume templates, what makes your resume more attractive and memorable. Everyone can find a resume template that matches him or her best.

Cover letter is very important part of your resume, cause it’s direct appeal to your future possible employer. And our service can offer you awesome cover letter templates.

Resumebaking makes your resume writing and job search easier.

About five years ago my friend Sergei decided to change his job. He started to look a resume building service. There were lots of services which seemed rather complicated. Shortly after that I met him and we started to discuss his problem.

That’s how is idea was born. Luckily we have a good friend Ann, who is an experienced HR manager and a professional resume writer. She helped Sergei to manage his resume, but the problem wasn’t solved. Together we decided to create a Resumebaking service which would be easy, user-friendly and fit a variety of employment situations.

In half a year we came up with first version of resume builder. Fist time we started to share it among our friends. And they liked it more than we expected they would. So we decided to elaborate it. We added a lot of nice and useful features, like cover letter builder, job search and more cool templates.

In nearest future we are going to improve our resume builder, continue to integrate it with social networks and job boards.

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Good luck to everyone with getting a dream job!

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