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Rightclearing simplifies and democratizes the market for music licensing.

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Mrs. Marilyn Dietrich, Marketing and Communications Director at, introduced her Start-Up to us.

Rightclearing is a Switzerland (Zurich)-based start-up Company that simplifies and democratizes the market for music licensing.

In recent years, the music industry has increasingly chosen to promote restrictive laws such as SOPA/ACTA or CISPA as a way to combat falling sales. A Swiss company challenges this approach and wants to prove with rightclearing that a modern and open system for all is the better solution for this problem.

The entire process from searching for songs to creating and paying for binding legal licenses has been automated. Independent artists and labels can now earn money with their usage rights. Individuals, advertisers or filmmakers can easily license songs for their projects.

Rightclearing was developed by the artist-based music platform and launched in February 2012 at the Digital Music Forum East in New York.

Rightclearing bridges the gap between traditional Copyright (©), Creative Commons (CC) and Public Domain (PD), by allowing the seamless and frictionless monetization of usage rights.

The advantages for our clients are clear: rightclearing digitalizes the entire process of music licensing. Now you can get everything from one place. Within minutes you can find the right song, close a legal contract and download the song file in the desired quality – all without lawyers or long wounded negotiations. rightclearing uses a technology (Mufin) developed by the Fraunhofer Institute to analyze tracks and find sound-alikes. This allows licensees to quickly find the perfect song.

On the side of the right holder there are equal advantages. For example, rightclearing is non-exclusive. All rights to the songs remain with the right holder. The contract is closed directly between the licensor and the licensee and is delivered to both parties immediately on completion of the transaction. Artists from all over the world upload new songs daily. Therefore the sound pool reflects the current trends in the music scene and also contains many Creative Commons and royalty free songs that now can be monetized.
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