My Graphic Studio A Simple and Intuitive Road Trip Planner Platform that Helps you Discover, Plan and Book the Best Places and Experiences Along your Way Curated by Local Experts and Travel Writers wants to make sure every time you start up the car, you know of all the quirky, offbeat, uncommon, and previously unknown places there are to stop and see.

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Mr. ‘Brandon Hite'; from the Marketing & Business Development department of the US (Cincinnati)-based start-up “RoadTrippers”; explained to us in more details who is behind their company and what his start-up is all about.

According to Mr. ‘Hite'; The abandoned theme parks, the unexplainable roadside art, the monstrous, never-before-seen hamburgers made of locally-raised beef – these are what make road trips worth packing and filling up the tank for., a Cincinnati-based start-up, wants to make sure every time you start up the car, you know of all the quirky, offbeat, uncommon, and previously unknown places there are to stop and see. From the family-owned restaurants with generous portions to the Museum of Plumbing Fixtures – Roadtrippers will let you discover your America.

At its core, Roadtrippers’ beginnings are similar to many start-ups: realize a problem, find no satisfying solution, create satisfying solution.

When co-founders James Fisher and Tatiana Parent traveled the back roads and bi-ways of America, they discovered there was no single, useful resource to find what wasn’t advertised with giant 7-story signs and frequent radio commercials.

Not settling for drive-thrus and chain hotels, James and Tatiana decided to share their love of travel and, more importantly, independent businesses in the form of a powerful trip-planning tool.

With virtually all resources necessary for a road trip at your fingertips, sets out to make you not only aware of the unique, expertly hand-curated businesses via locals and experienced travelers, but to let you book and create your itinerary – all using one beautifully designed yet user-friendly interface.

Roadtrippers is a simple but powerful road trip planner that lets you discover, plan and book the best places and experiences along your way, curated by local experts and travel writers.

The basis of Roadtrippers is simple: there are thousands of places along the highways and backroads of America, and the tools to properly find and plan for visiting them are fragmented, to say the least.

Roadtrippers aims to bring all of these tools together to create one sexy and functional experience, making it easier than ever to plan an epic American road trip.

Roadtrippers helps showcase the locally-owned and independently ran businesses and services to travelers, hoping that increased web traffic leads to increased physical traffic.

Getting started is as easy as putting in a Start and Destination, and turning on categories that are interesting to you. Sign up for the free service to get more than the basic features, including the ability to Save trips for later editing.

Categories range from Offbeat Attractions to Crafts & Homemade. Turn them on, and places will appear along your route. Add them, and they become a part of your trip. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Suggest a place to us, and we’ll add it to the map as soon as we can.

Eccentric roadside attractions, breathtaking natural wonders, or mouthwatering foodie feasts. Whatever your interests, you’ll discover your America on Roadtrippers.

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