My Graphic Studio A Free Location Based Marketplace iPhone Mobile App that Brings the Garage Sale Experience to the Palm of your Hand

Rumgr is a location based marketplace. It is as easy as taking a picture, and your item is for sale to everyone around you.

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Mr. ‘Dylan Bathurst”; Co-founder & CEO of the US (Las Vegas, Nevada)-based start-up “Rumgr”; has given us a much better idea about his flagship product; a location based marketplace mobile app.

According to Mr. ‘Bathurst'; Rumgr is a garage sale for your phone. To de-clutter your home and earn extra cash at the same time, simply take a picture of what you want to sell.

No descriptions, no tags, and no location details are needed. Rumgr uses the features endemic to mobile (camera, GPS, messaging, push notifications) to make posting an item for sale quick and easy.

The buying experience is just as seamless, and can even be fun. Just as you would browse a garage sale, users “rummage” in the app in their spare time, while waiting on line or hanging out at home.

Items appear in the image feed in order of proximity, so the top items could be as close as 200 feet away. And since buyer-seller communication takes place within the app, it’s not just convenient, it’s also safe.

Founded in fall of 2011 by the top mobile and web development talent at Zappos, and backed by Tony Hsieh among other angel investors, the company has quickly grown a vibrant community of 5000 loyal buyers and sellers.

A little bit about our CEO:
Dylan Bathurst is the founder and CEO of Rumgr, an iPhone app that brings the garage sale experience to the palm of your hand. Launched in February 2012 and backed by Tony Hsieh among other angel investors, the company has quickly become a vibrant community of local buyers and sellers.

Before Rumgr Dylan was a key part of the Zappos front-end and back-end search team, working on now-popular features like Quick View and multi-select filtering.

He is also a strong leader in the Vegas Tech community, helping launch the first Startup Weekend over a year ago and the central organizer of the Vegas Jelly, the weekly meetup for tech entrepreneurs.

More about Rumgr:

1. We’re taking on Craigslist — there have been a lot of articles recently about why no one has replaced Craigslist yet. We’re trying to do just that (at least, the garage sale / moving sale section) and doing pretty well.

2. We’re not about search. Instead of being utilitarian and about what you need, it’s about random discovery. Rumgr has all the fun of garage sale shopping: the surprises, the offers, the haggling.

3. Our launch was covered by TechCrunch, CNET, VentureBeat and NPR. Since then we’ve been getting regular local coverage and “best apps” mentions, as well as interviews with TechCocktail, Techli, and the Washington Times.
See press page:

4. Because all of our founders are from Zappos we truly understand both e-commerce and customer service. We know how important it is to build a strong, loyal community of buyers/sellers and how to create a professional user experience for the used goods market.

5. New features launched in summer 2012 allow for Facebook integration, tools, for faster communication, more control over items for sale, and transaction history. Rumgr has also just introduced Groups, which are smaller, more intimate marketplaces based around a common location, such as a workplace or university.

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