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SkilledWizard is a platform for Skilled Workers Worldwide. They set out to erase the void that currently exists today.

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We truly enjoyed interviewing the lovely entrepreneur Mrs. ‘Alexandra Nolan‘; Founder / EVP Creative Social Media at the US (New York)-based start-up “”.

“”‘s mission is to unite skilled / blue collar workers worldwide.

Below is the full interview that we have conducted with Mrs. ‘Nolan’ regarding her start-up company “”;

1. What is it exactly that you do and what “” is all about?

Our team has collaborated to bring the most necessary platform for Skilled Workers Worldwide.

We set out to erase the void that currently exists today. 

Our belief at is that skilled workers are “The Most important Employees to the GDP of every country in the world.”

We pledge to accentuate the positive impact that the skilled worker provides and to inundate the marketplace by providing unmatched access to this vital population.

We appreciate each user and we look forward to being their representative resource link.

2. When has “” been founded? And what stage is “” currently at?

We were founded March 2012.

Our site is currently up and running in beta mode till our official launch, this November.

We are presently focused on raising capital to launch a more extensive marketing campaign, in addition to designing our mobile applications.

We have some exciting user applications directed specifically at our target audience.

3. What is “”’s business model and how does it work?

It’s a dedicated professional social network for skilled workers, companies and trade schools to collaborate and access one another. 

We offer end user simplicity, unique mobile advertising.

Our website functionality regardless of tablet, mobile or web will be identical.

The model is set to engage Skilled Workers from every corner of the world.

Simple, highly member relevant and register to get the “SECRETS of our Wizard Board”!

4. How did your team meet? And who in your team does what?

Our CEO and Founder John Ducar met CO – Founder Sebastian Skwarek.

Sebastian and john agreed they would tackle this void and well the rest is now history as is in BETA mode for registrations.

John Ducar
Founder / CEO of moved up the executive ladder in awesome organizations (UPS,DHL, SAKS 5th Avenue) Then began his own Sales business specifically designed for clients in the importing and exporting business globally.

John has a deep passion and appreciation for creating great company cultures.

Deep practice in lean Human Capital. John has been fortunate to have great mentors and a unique background crossing over many functional areas of responsibilities.

John has a tremendous appreciation for talent, retention and has zero fear to step out of the normal boundaries to improve companies.

A true change catalyst that believes anything is possible. John enjoys time with his beautiful wife and daughter.
Sebastian Skwarek
Co – Founder and EVP of Technology at

Sebastian entered the IT field over 14 years ago.

In 2001, he opened his first IT company specializing in IT development and systems integration.

Over the past 10 years, his company has served large public and private organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada as Adobe® Solutions Partner, Adobe® Solutions Integrator and AmazonAWS Solution Provider.

In 2003, his company Microinput ( expanded into Eastern Europe and has since become recognized by Adobe as a leading provider of IT solutions ( in that part of the world.

Sebastian’s company continues to be involved in diverse projects with large financial institutions, various fortune 500 companies, as well as government agencies throughout United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe.

Sebastian is also an Adobe Certified Instructor, offering his expertise in the areas of development and integration.

Sebastian has dedicated himself to a career of creating systems using Adobe, Open Source and Cloud Based (AmazonAWS) technologies that allow companies to become more efficient at what they do.

It is this experience and dedication to creating enhanced systems for leading-edge companies around the world that Sebastian brings to all industries.

Sebastian enjoys time with his wife and son.

Alexandra Nolan
Executive Vice President of Creative Strategy and Social Media.

Alexandra has over ten years of experience in creative development in several industries.

She has championed social media campaigns in the hospitality sector and designed websites for various clients.

Her background is in photography publishing and digital design.

She is an avid photographer and equestrian.

Alexandra enjoys time with her husband, daughter and Bulldog.

Our team has collaborated to bring the most necessary platform for Skilled Workers Worldwide.

We set out to erase the void that currently exists today.

We have focused throughout our architecture process to ensure our end user experience will be simple, relevant, and that our technology will be seamless for our end users regardless of Mobile, Web or Tablet use.

We have poured our resources into the end user and maximizing the relevancy of our app when we Launch in November 2012 (and every day thereafter).

A true platform to improve the world.

Other Team Members:

Sergio Orama – VP Operations
Brad Sgamabti – Sales Director
Billy Overrocker – PR, Advertising Sales
Zane Berardesco – Membership Sales and Retention

Board Advisors 
Johhny Sova
Dennis Mcglin
Barry Liebert
Ralph Higgs

5. What, exactly, makes you different from existing options, what will make your product and/or service stand out in the marketplace? In other words what’s unique about you and what’s new about what you make?

SkilledWizard solves the void seen in the media everyday.

That void is the global critical shortages of Skilled Workers.

We have created a community where Skilled Workers can connect with other Skilled Workers, and employers can have access to the critical population they need.

Our technology makes it simple and seamless to connect career opportunities directly (no more job boards).

While also addressing education resources so we can improve the caliber of talent, connecting the world so Skilled Workers can find the work when they are needed.

Companies can improve the products they manufacture, the Supply Chain industry will improve by eliminating the shortages of drivers and those are two powerful examples that SkilledWizard addresses.

6. What is your growth like? And what milestones has “” achieved so far?

We have executed all milestones to date.

We wanted to have our IOS app and our BETA Registration site in July 2012 and they are.

We have spent significant time on our architecture, privacy features and security. our goal was the end user experience and breakthrough in online advertising and we are on target for both for our November 2012 official launch.

We have stretch milestones for all member registrations, corporate registrations and advertising sales which hit our twelve bucket revenue model.

They are set through 2013 and we are eager to execute once live.

7. Who are your competitors? And what is “”’s competitive advantage over them?

Our main competitors are your standard job boards (which we are not) such as, Careerbuilder, etc….

We are most similar to LinkedIn but for an entirely different vertical population.

Our competitive advantage is that the world currently has a void, solves this by brining all parties under one platform.

We also have unique advertising modules that will be a first on our mobile applications.

Our resolution and end user experience will be seamless regardless of their preference for tablets, mobile or Web, this is a major advantage.

8. What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

Creating a business is a journey.

We believe in collaboration.

When you have a strong, diverse team you can accomplish anything.

We love the challenge of all the moving parts and finding the necessary balance.

Do not be mistaken, starting a business from scratch tests you each and everyday.

There are many outstanding ideas but the drive to take them global comes from perseverance and tenacity.

Hitting the milestones and driving forward humble are key.

An idea has to come to life and that is where the true test of champions begins.

We feed off our passion for SkilledWizard as we know we are going to make a difference in every corner of the world.

There is nothing more rewarding then helping people.

9. What are the key things about your field that outsiders don’t understand?

We all need to respect and realize that SkilledWorkers are the people that make all economies tick.

They are the executioners of innovation, the deliverers of creation and the people who get the consumer goods that we all rely on so heavily into our lives.

We like to put the recognition on the business or white collar professional (and they deserve it) but lets face the hard facts the GDP of all economies goes absolutely no where without SKILLED WORKERS.

We carry this mission everyday as we continue to evolve our product.

10. Why are you going to succeed?

Our Target population exceeds 300+ million worldwide.

There is a void in every corner of the world.

The companies need to be able to tangibly access the talent, the talent needs to be able to utilize the education, trade schools, certifications, companies and peers. 

Our team is tenacious, relentless, lean and poised to make this a reality no matter how many headwinds we face we move forward optimistic.

We have an amazing board with vast experience. is coming to every corner of the world, and making a difference.

We will go to all costs to rally the necessary support!

11. If “” succeeds, what additional areas might you be able to expand into?

We are laser focused on for the next five years, at least.

If we are fortunate enough we will always look to erase a void that currently exists.

We will look to bring value to people first and foremost that will improve multiple areas of their lifestyle. 

There are many opportunities that we have in JIRA that we call the “next shoe to drop list” we update it periodically when our minds wander.

Sure we plan on doing more, its undefined as of now.

With this industry the opportunities are endless.

12. Why did you choose this idea and concept to build “” based on?

The world is built on competition.

Skilled Workers are in high demand in every corner of the world.

Our CEO/Founder (John Ducar) combined his experience in Human Resources and operations.

He realized the disconnect between the demand for these workers and the supply.

During his importing and exporting sales business, John was exposed to many parts of the world.

As John would close deals he would have candid conversations with clients from many industries.

The majority expressed their interest in a platform to directly connect with the Skilled Worker population.

It was clear as day to John, that Skilled Workers are vital to all societies and they are the people that create the products, develop the technology and transport our consumer goods.

13. What have you learned so far from launching your idea?

Endless learnings, it has been an awesome journey that is in its initial stages. 

We have learned so much as a team and individual contributors.

Our team is based globally, so there are sacrifices in regards to time.

We have to respect the time difference and work in a highly flexible way.

We have learned a great deal from the VC community since we put our name out there in mid-July.

We have contacts and companies ready to roll with us in 72 countries, thus far, and growing. You must be born with tenacity and relentless pursuit; because if you do not posses this naturally you may tap out.

I personally love watching our team grow.

The power of collaboration and the power of the web as we have raised SkilledWizard awareness in 72 countries with zero SEO implemented, zero advertising dollars spent, zero PR, e.t.c… is amazing!

Stay lean and keep your head down until its time to come up!

14. Six months from now, what’s going to be your biggest problem?

We have committed to a simple end user experience.

This will be guided by our constant feedback model from our members.

We are committed to rolling out a new member feature each and every month that will be generated from our feedback model.

In our quest to make this a true member centric network, we know this will be a awesome challenge that we cannot predict.

We are also extremely committed to remaining lean, we will expand our Human Capital in many parts of the Globe as we grow and this will be a work through in terms of coordinating, meetings, time cultures .et.c…

All optimistic hurdles that we are looking forward to attacking.

15. What’s the benefit for the customer/user?

The benefit is this is a dedicated network for Skilled Workers.

There will be companies from many sectors, large corporations, small businesses, Government, trade schools and individual members under one roof sharing information, collaborating, instant connectivity to real employment opportunities. is removing all the barriers of today that have created the void in a simple user friendly environment. 

The opportunity to showcase your personal “wizard board” will have deep benefits to our end users!

A simple world for Skilled Workers to maximize the opportunities!

16. How did customers/users find out about you?

Where can people find out 

On our website:

Our Blog:

& on our pages:

17. Who are your current customers/users? Who are your target customers/users?

We are in Beta mode so our recent members have come from the broad category that Skilled Workers comprise: pilots, nurses, electricians, skilled technology, manufacturing, logistics, construction, medical, trades and trade schools.

We have an extensive list that we continue to update that will be part of our registration and profile when you become a member.

18. Where do new customers/users come from and what makes new customers/users try you?

Our new customers, and users, will come from small businesses, fortune 5000, 42 industries and 122 individual member identified Skilled Workers careers. 

We have an agressive marketing plan, social media plan and public relations plan that will penetrate our enduser membership.

We have our awareness campaign underway currently and we again have the Global reach based on where our founders are located. 

We envision new customers being attracted to our simplicity, relevancy and seamless platform.

19. What do your customers/users say about your product and/or service?

So far we have a lot of feedback from our trusted network where we have shared

We have tons of encouragement, optimism and we also have had candid feedback on areas we need to implement both initially and in the future.

We have connected with several corporations who entirely support our platform and are excited to be the first to sponsor when we go live.

20. How are you going to scale?

Sebastian Skwarek (Co Founder and head of technology) has ready to go viral and we have the support, both human capital, and cloud to ensure we have zero disruptions.

Adobe® Solutions Partner, Adobe® Solutions Integrator and AmazonAWS Solution Provider.

He is recognized by Adobe as a leading provider of IT solutions ( in Canada, US and Eastern Europe.

21. What’s the biggest missing feature? The one thing customers/users keep asking for?

Since we are still in beta mode we have time to identify the needs of our users.

Currently we are incorporating a number of ideas to utilize member specific features and applications.

We have based these concepts for use on mobile devices; since a large number of our users will be ‘on the go’ most of their workday.

We have one feature called the “WIZARD BOARD” it will be introduced in Phase 2 current milestone is set for January 2013.

22. Are you going to internationalize? And if yes how are you planning to expand your start-up’s operations accordingly?

We absolutely are going international and We actually came out of the gates as a true Global start up.

Our team is based in NY (HQ), Toronto and Eastern Europe.

We have key team members in place to penetrate these various markets for Skilled Workers and companies that will use our network.

We have progress in 72 countries to date.

Our plans are USA first, then Canada and Mexico in the first half of 2013.

We will target Europe in the second half of 2013.

Emerging markets such as South America, Russia, Asia are scheduled for 2014.

23. How big do you think you can get? Why? And how you are planning to achieve your goals?

Our five year goal is to have 175,000,000 individual members.

Our target audience is 300,000,000 million and growing.

We are confident our product has the scaleability, security and member centric relevancy to penetrate just over half of the target population.

We envision some headwinds in Asia and Africa.

24. Are you looking to hire a new workforce? And if yes, what job vacancies do you currently offer and where can potential applicants contact you at?

Human Capital is essential to hitting the road running.

We will be hiring talent to join beginning in October 2012.

Extensive sales team, Director of Advertising Sales, Director of Marketing, Director of PR, Manager of HR and additional social media team members will be added.

We can be contacted at

All applicants (regardless of position) will be required to know the 122 Skilled Worker careers!

25. Are you looking for partnership opportunities or funding from Venture Capitals (VC) or other funding sources? Or your business is self-sustainable? And if the first option applies where can potential partners / investors contact you at?

We have just began our process of discussions with investors.

We are certainly always interested in speaking to investors and partners that can help us drive forward.

We can be contacted anytime at 646.669.4020.

We can be reached via email at or any of our social media applications listed below.

On our website:

Our Blog:

& on our pages:

26. What advice do you have for fresh entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself and the value of your idea.

Network, exhaust every contact, friend, angle to get your company started.

Don’t open doors – Beat them down!

27. Finally, do you have any other comments that you would like to add?

Lets roll! Register today stay tuned, make a difference.

We will be having exciting promotions for our first 20,000 users so get signed up today so you can be included! 

Spread the word! We all know Skilled Workers!

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