My Graphic Studio A Start-Up that Develops Live Video Editing and Social Media Publishing Technologies

SnappyTV is a startup that develops live video editing and social media publishing technologies.

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Mrs. ‘Kim Barsi’; PR Consultant at Storyboard PR and who works for “SnappyTV”; was kind enough to explain to us what the US (San Francisco, CA)-based start-up “SnappyTV” is all about.

According to Mrs. ‘Barsi’; Headquartered in San Francisco, SnappyTV is a startup that develops live video editing and social media publishing technologies.

Organizations of all sizes – ranging from high school sports leagues, conference organizers, and local government agencies to major television networks and cable channels have used SnappyTV’s technology to easily integrate video clips from their live or streaming events or programs into social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

SnappyTV makes it easy for organizations to unlock the power of their video content and make it quickly accessible on the web.

With a range of robust and multi-level product offerings, SnappyTV revolutionizes how companies and users can use and share rich online video content, making it faster, simpler and available anywhere from any device.

With SnappyTV, companies can create new opportunities for audience and customer engagement, increasing tune-in to events and programs.

SnappyTV also makes it fun for users to capture video clips from their favorite TV programs or live events and share instantly with friends through social channels.

Built on a live cloud platform, SnappyTV automates and streamlines the video production and distribution process, slashing the time needed to push video clips in web and social channels by as much as 70 percent.

Organizations can easily and quickly create, edit and distribute video clips, maximizing the value of their online content.

With SnappyTV, anyone, anywhere can effortlessly access, clip and post live video content into social streams, such as Facebook and Twitter, at a moment’s notice.

By enabling the use of video content in new and transformational ways, SnappyTV gives organizations a way to deepen consumer engagement and reach a wider audience through social media.

Viewers post billions of messages on Facebook and Twitter as they’re watching their favorite sports events and TV shows. Live video clips make social media more engaging and fun, allowing friends and followers to see what viewers have just experienced on TV, at a live event or viewed on a streamed program.

Some of SnappyTV customers include ABC News, Fox Sports, MTV, the NBA, NCAA, PBS News Hour, and TechCrunch New York.

SnappyTV is founded and led by the management team that created Jumpcut, the first web-based video-editing suite, acquired by Yahoo in 2006. Mike Folgner is co-founder and CEO. For more information, contact Kim Barsi at

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