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Start-Up In-Depth Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting your New Start-up Business Venture and concept idea.

If approved, we will post an in-depth review of your Start-up on our online platform which will eventually result in a massive exposure for your business as news of your venture will go viral and spread all over the web due to your Start-up post being read by thousands daily on our blog and will be sent to all of our RSS subscribers, Facebook and Twitter followers and your post will be featured in prominent online blog communities and directories such as BlogCatalog, AllTop, Bloggers, NetworkedBlogs, Technorati, etc. Although anyone can submit a Start-up for consideration and review, only a select of those that meet our requirements will be posted.

If your submission meets our requirements, you may receive a personal response within 2 business days, to clarify all your details, and to request additional information and content as needed.

Our requirements for a successful submission include:

An innovative and unique startup venture concept and a visually appealing website or product / service image as judged by our senior staff to be suitable for sharing with our readers. Suitability, among other criteria, is based on design, concept, technology, and sustainability.

How this will work?

The submission process is as follows:

You are kindly requested to fill in and submit the below online questionnaire. The questionnaire comprises of a comprehensive list of questions that cover and tackle all facets and aspects of your business since inception till post-launch. Please note that we shall post exactly the info that has been provided to us by you in the below filled out and submitted questionnaire therefore your answers are expected to be concise, coherent, grammatically and vocabulary correct and as detailed as possible. This will only reflect positively on your Company’s reputation and standing. You are kindly requested to fill out the below corresponding sections with your answers and submit them accordingly for review and approval.

What are the advantages of submitting your start-up for featuring on our blog?

Simply put: More web presence and online exposure for your start-up Company:

  • Your start-up Company will be automatically added to our business directory listings as a “Featured Company” clearly showing in a highlighted color at the top of our directory search results along with a golden “Featured Listing” badge right next to it. This means that after we review and approve your start-up based on the answers that you will provide in the below questionnaire; we will automatically add your start-up Company to our business directory located at the following page  “Start-Ups Directory”. This will certainly improve further your start-up web presence and online exposure.
  • Your start-up Company interview post URL link will be featured under the “Exclusive Start-Ups Interviews” blogroll at the top left sidebar of our homepage along with the interviewee photo displayed above the link.
  • We will promote your start-up on a rotational basis to both job seekers in case you are looking to hire a workforce and to investors in case you are seeking partnership and funding opportunities based on expressing your interest in the answers provided by you on questions No. 24 and No. 25. This will be listed on our widgets titled “Start-Ups Seeking Investors” and “Start-Ups Looking to Hire” located at the top right sidebar of our blog.
  • We will feature your answer on the 26th question pertaining to your advice to fresh entrepreneurs as a rotated quote with your name, position title and start-up name at the top right of our blog.

Please refer to our submission guidelines that you are kindly required to adhere to prior to submitting your start-up application for review to ensure a smooth and seamless application process and to avoid any inconvenience that might result from rejecting your application.

Please be advised that due to the extremely high volume of free submissions we receive, it will be AT LEAST 2-3 months before we consider startups submitted in this way.

In a hurry? We do offer a Speedy Submission option (published within 24 hours only!).

For a small donation of $ 100 you can have your start-up featured on in just 24 hours!

Skip the line and get your article published within 24 hours, rather than the 2-3 month minimum for free submissions!

We would extremely appreciate it; if you could link back to us either by placing our “badge” on your site in the case that you get approved to be featured in a post on our blog or should you choose to directly submit your start-up to our business directory for a quick hassle-free listing of your business without choosing to opt for filling in the below questionnaire.

Thank You and Good Luck!
Start-Ups.Co Team

PS: Please copy paste your texts in the right sidebar widget labeled “Characters Counter” to make sure that your answers fall within the minimum number of characters allowed per question.

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Many Thanks for your time and effort filling out the above questionnaire and looking forward to featuring your amazing start-up on our blog “Start-Ups.Co”!