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Submission Guidelines

Start-Ups.Co is an ever growing blog that features daily start-ups news, reviews and interviews and it is gaining momentum very quickly. We are receiving a dozen of start-ups submission applications on a daily basis and we are very picky and selective in our admission process hence only a select few will be approved and featured accordingly on our blog.

In order to provide our valuable readers with the most pleasant and best experience ever in terms of having access to a content rich and quality articles pertaining to the most innovative and interesting start-ups out there; we have put together this very simple and straight forward submission guideline that every start-up is kindly required to adhere to in order to ensure a smooth and seamless successful submission of their start-up application and in order to increase their chances of getting featured on our blog.

Below is the guideline for the In-depth Start-Up Submission:

  • ALL questions / sections marked as “required” need to be answered / filled in respectively.
  • Preference will be given to start-ups focusing on Web 2.0 and Internet technologies that are deemed by our editorial staff to be of enough value and substance to be featured on our blog.
  • Content submitted needs to be 100% unique and exclusive to our blog. (Eg. Copy pasting the same content as in your “About Us”, “Media”, “Press”, “Interview Press Releases” or any other similar pages on your website or perhaps featured on other media outlet websites is strictly forbidden and will lead to your start-up submission application being rejected)
  • Regardless of the Start-Ups based locations; your websites and / or blogs need to be in English or at least have an English language enabled on them.
  • The start-ups submission content language needs to be strictly in English and free of any offensive, discriminatory or otherwise deemed profane language.
  • The English wording and structure of the start-ups submission text needs to be 100% grammatically and vocabulary correct and errors-free.
  • You need to comply and adhere to our minimum requirement related to the size of your textual content answers per question or section and to our files upload policies as follows:
  1. You are kindly requested to enter a minimum text of 300 characters per required question and a maximum of 330 characters for question No. 26 as outlined in our online questionnaire.  Filling in the remaining space with random letters or via the spacing function just to meet our requirements criteria will result in your start-up submission application being rejected. You are also kindly required to upload your interviewee front face photo with the following exact dimensions: width=”100 px” x height=”100 px” and to upload your start-up company’s logo with the following exact dimensions: width=”75 px” x height=”75 px”.

If you have any questions or comments related to the above start-up submission application guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Start-Ups.Co Team