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Announcing Silk’s new and improved visualizations

We’re proud to announce Silk’s renewed visualizations today! We believe Silk is now one of the best ways to create clear and embeddable visualizations on the web. The updated charts and graphs are easier on the eyes, convey more information, and perform better. We also added a scatter plot, stacked bar chart, and donut chart visualization to the mix.

Of course, the new visualizations look great as an embed:

Data from

New additions to the lineup are the scatter plot and stacked bar chart. The scatter plot chart is an excellent way to show the correlation between two tags, something that wasn’t possible before. Below is a scatter plot from, which shows the correlation between the total median age and fertility rate of countries. You can clearly see that countries with a high median age usually have a lower fertility rate, and vice versa.

Data from

The stacked bar chart is very helpful if you want to get a feel for the combined effect of multiple tags. Here is a stacked bar chart showing roadways, railways and waterways of different countries:

Data from

We also added a donut chart, which is basically just a piechart with a hole in the middle.

To learn more about how to use and create these visualizations, check out the new general visualization tutorial, and the support article about charts at See the new visualizations in action on the many example Silk’s on our home page (, or see how they look on your own Silk site.

Last but not least: this new visualization engine gives us much more power and freedom, so be on the lookout for new and improved visualizations soon!