My Graphic Studio The Easiest and Most Interactive Way to Share and Discover your City with Friend Recommendations

Totum Pass is the easiest and most interactive way to share and discover your city with friend recommendations.

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Mr. ‘Sean Kim'; Co-founder & CEO of the Canada (Montreal)-based start-up “Totum Pass”, has been kind enough explaining to Start-Ups.Co what his Company is all about.

According to Mr. ‘Kim'; Totum Pass is the easiest and most interactive way to share and discover your city with friend recommendations.

We like to refer it as the “Yelp + Instagram for friends.”

Snap a photo & recommend your buddies when your at the coolest party event of the year, receive a personal recommendation to that great bar all your friends have been raving about, and have all of it safely stored and easily accessible on your phone; anytime, anywhere.

With Totum Pass you don’t have to worry about forgetting any recommendations your friends tell you about.

Traveling to a new city?

No problem! Let your friends guide the way. Receive a clear visual of the places your heading to early on, see what your all your other buddies have to say about it and never forget a recommendation ever again!

See something amazingly cool that your best friends will go nuts about?

Take a photo, make a personal recommendation in seconds, and share your opinions and thoughts. It’s that easy.

In today’s chaotic world of overwhelming review sites, it’s extremely difficult to know which reviews to trust, and most of them are highly unreliable.

The idea of Totum Pass is to filter all the recommendations that get thrown at us in our daily lives and personalize it with just your friend’s recommendations.

Totum Pass provides a seamless recommendation process that takes less than 7 seconds, and we automatically integrate the friends you currently have on Facebook directly into our app.

Instead of receiving tips from strangers and people you’ve never met, Totum Pass allows you to discover exciting places in your city from your friend’s recommendations.

The same friends that know your past experiences, what defines our taste preferences, and what makes us tick. It’s not just about filtering the abundance of reviews, what sets us apart is the ability to access and send recommendations wherever you are on-the-go in real-time and personalize it to your social friends.

Come check us out! We are in private beta now, but coming to your city soon. Get ready!

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