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Tripping is a global community of travelers with members in over 175 countries. We are also the largest home rental site on the planet.

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Ms. ‘Anis Salvesen'; Marketing Manager at the US (San Francisco)-based start-up “”, has explained to us what her Company is all about.

According to Ms. ‘Salvesen'; Tripping is a global community of travelers with members in over 175 countries. We are also the largest home rental site on the planet.

Our founders were part of the early team at StubHub and came together to start Tripping in 2009.

Their inspiration for founding our free community was to make it easy and safe for travelers to connect with local people for coffee, meals and even homestays.

In addition to being a thriving global community, Tripping is also an aggregator of vacation and short term properties. With over 750,000 listings from top rental sites such as HomeAway, FlipKey, Roomoroma, and BedyCasa, travelers are sure to find the perfect place to stay.

Tripping is the only website where travelers can find every type of accommodation – from couches to castles, in over 15,000 cities around the world.

Whether travelers are interested in sharing a home cooked meal with a local couple in Rio, enjoying a free homestay in London or staying in a trendy NYC apartment, Tripping makes it easy to do, just about anywhere in the world.

A strategic contributor to Tripping’s success and direction as a company has been the unique partnerships it has established with a rapidly growing network of organizations and associations.

These include the National Peace Corps Association, AmeriCorps Alums, PADI, and Hostelling International. Tripping is also partnered with universities and student organizations such as AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization. Additionally, Tripping collaborates with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

Also unique to Tripping is the array of safety features it offers. For example, profiles on the site display references, which are brief testimonials left by members (“Trippers”), describing their experiences with each other.

Another safety feature is an anonymous rating system, which aggregates feedback using a five-star scale; ratings are displayed on each Tripper’s profile. Validation, which involves a face-to-face video chat between a Tripper and a member of the Tripping team, is yet another safety feature.

Trippers who have undergone the validation interview are given a validation badge which is displayed on their profiles. All of these safety features are detailed in the site’s TripSafe Center, which also provides tips for safe travel.

When it comes to vacation and short term rentals Tripping also offers travelers some unique features. For example, during the National Peace Corps Association’s first annual gathering, its members were able to locate the perfect place to stay via Tripping.

Additionally, anyone who uses Tripping to browse rentals is able to see reviews for the same property across the rental sites on which that property is listed.

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