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Ubooly: A Voice Interactive Stuffed Animal Smart Toy Powered by your iPhone or iPod Touch

Ubooly is a stuffed animal powered by your iPhone or iPod touch. We use voice recognition and ongoing updates to make the world smartest toy.

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Mr. ‘Carly Gloge'; CEO of the US (Colorado)-based start-up “Ubooly” has been kind enough to give us some more insight into what his company is all about.

According to Mr. ‘Gloge'; Ubooly is a stuffed animal powered by your iPhone or iPod touch. We use voice recognition and ongoing updates to make the world’s smartest toy.

Many children receive their parent’s old phone as a hand-me-down gift. In addition, the iPod touch has become one of the most popular gifts for children. We built Ubooly turn these devices into a magical friend.

Ubooly’s uses wifi to get smarter each day. Ubooly can comment on the day of the week, the weather, and news.

Our vision is to create a toy that has long-term engagement and focuses on creativity and social responsibility.

Our games and stories expect kids to respond back verbally and encourages them to us their imagination through choose-your-own-adventure stories, and “play pretend” games.

In the future, we’ll allow parents to purchase educational content such as: language packs, Ubooly roadtrip (Ubooly will use GPS to become a tour guide on roadtrips), and other educational content.

Ubooly launched to the public in August 1st, and has over 1000 active users. Expect to see Ubooly on store shelves this October.

We’ve recently seen other toys turn mobile phones into toys. Ubooly differentiates itself in two ways: we use voice recognition and ongoing updates over wifi. This means that we’re focusing on creating a friend for Ubooly rather than a short-term form of entertainment.

Having customer’s engaged long-term allows our sales to have a longer tail. Because kids will play with their friend long-term, we’ll have the ability to sell educational content to parents long after the initial purchase.

We’re also taking lean startup approach to creating toys, which means that we can adapt quickly. We use analytics to test which content is performing well or poorly, and are constantly tweaking content to ensure kids stay engaged.

This approach will also be used in the future when we introduce educational content to see which activities are more effective in teaching children different concepts.

The future looks bright for us. We have an engaged community or early adopters, and a talented team that is ready to take Ubooly to the next level. Keep an eye on us over the holiday season!

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