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YaDig is the Middle East’s largest local reviewing community with over 225,000 users a month reading and reviewing local businesses in their city.

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Mr. “Andrew Miller”, the Marketing Director at the Middle East-based start-up “”; explained to us a little bit more about his Company.

As per Mr. Miller; YaDig is the Middle East’s largest local reviewing community with over 225,000 users a month reading and reviewing local businesses in their city.

People use YaDig everyday to find the best place to go, the first time around and also to ask advice from their local community. Businesses use YaDig to engage their target demographic, to hear their customers’ voices and to increase brand awareness, footfall and overall business.

What does YaDig mean? The term “ya dig” is an American slang phrase with a rough translation of “do you understand” but more closely resembling “do you know what I mean”.

In the context of YaDig the reviewer is telling the community what they experienced, and it’s up to the community to understand and act on the advice accordingly, ya dig it? Sign up today and get started.

We also sell advertising to hospitality, food and beverage and other related businesses who are interested in engaging this target demographic.

Local User Reviews, Local Social Networking, Local Expert Advice, Customer Engagement, Professional Business Platform, Targeted Advertising Campaigns.

YaDig is the localized version of tripadvisor for hotels, restaurants and all kinds of businesses who wish to engage with their local, potential repeat customers.

On TA the businesses use the site to engage with international potential clients who will usually only come one time, but with YaDig the venues have the potential to spur large word of mouth marketing campaigns by engaging with the people who live in close proximity to their businesses.

We have one of the largest, and certainly the fastest growing audiences of people who go out, spend money and are interested in events, deals and new venues in the Middle East.

The company was founded in November 2010 by an Emirati-American Entrepreneur named Saif Al-Zarouni. Saif was fed up of trying new restaurants based on one person’s recommendation on how awesome the place was, only to find out that it was not up to his expectations.

YaDig is the only place where you can find several reviews on each individual place and then you can check the reivewers status (their belt level) which indicates how often they review, go out and how well they actually know what they’re talking about.

If someone is a first time reviewer you have to take what they say with a grain of salt and not base your whole opinion on that business off of that review solely, but if someone has written 100 reviews, you know they are pretty experienced in this market.

We’re currently undergoing a vast marketing campaign and growing by nearly 50% every month as far as active users and businesses who have signed up and begun engaging with their potential customers.

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